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About us

Cleano Pty Ltd has been in the commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years, and is fully Australian owned and operated. Our lasting experience in the commercial cleaning business translates into a reliable and secure service you can trust.

Cleano Pty Ltd is a professional, dedicated, leading and fully Australian owned and operated cleaning services company. We have been involved in commercial, residential and steam cleaning for over 25 years now. We have a reliable and expert team that is worth your trust and investment. We are one of those few cleaning services that primarily aim at protecting the environment by using safe and sustainable cleaning equipment and processes. Committed to higher standards of service, our team has a reputation for excellent and smart service under proper guidance. We normally work according to the task and frequency assigned. 100% satisfaction at Cleano Pty Ltd is guaranteed!

We want to positively impact the quality of life of office goers and homeowners we intend to serve for long; hence we take special care in ensuring proper health conditions. We also want to contribute to building a cleaner and better society for future generations by using safe, secure and environment- friendly cleaning equipment and products.We not just enforce strict quality assurance service but we are also committed to high standards of service and trust at each stage. In a nutshell, we ensure that our customers receive highest quality service from us.


To understand and analyze customer requirements and treat them with complete respect

To ensure that safest cleaning materials and processes are employed. If anything goes unexpected, we take the responsibility.

To take pride in our work and duty, with that comes utmost dedication and commitment for providing the best.

To build trust within our team and work towards achieving common goals and objectives within organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the lives of our customers better and comfortable with cleaning services they would love to afford and hire. We also believe in safe, secure and reliable forms of cleaning and equipment use for a beautiful residential area and a sparkling commercial location.

Our goal is to take the responsibility of cleaning the mess and dirt for you and arrange everything in your home or office so that you can focus on other aspects of your life that include meeting friends, family, clients, colleagues or boosting workstation productivity by putting the right positive impression and engender more confidence in your work and lifestyle.

Our Vision

Cleano Pty Ltd has been in the business for over 25 years and we have a huge team to look after your cleaning requirements. Our team is committed to the same common principles and values. We have perfected our work carefully with dedication and valuable expertise over the past 25 years or so.

We are committed to building a safe and secure working place and homes that look beautiful and welcome always. Our services are not complete till we guarantee 100% satisfaction and generate more excellent reviews from you. We believe in environment-friendly and green methods of cleaning.

We provide cleaning Services

  • commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years,
  • And is fully Australian owned
  • Fully Australian owned and operated
  • Has been in the commercial
  • commercial cleaning industry for over 25 years,

Apart from cleaning new and old homes, we also serve all commercial sectors like healthcare, retail, manufacturing, education, etc. So, let us take care of your cleaning job and you – enjoy more precious things in your life without missing even an inch of the happiness you actually deserve!

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