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Did you ever wish that your home maintained its cleanliness without you having to do it? Well, we make it happen and actually we do it for you! Sounds pleasant to your ears? Cleano Pty Ltd is a well known, professional and fully Australian owned and operated cleaning services company that takes the responsibility of cleaning your residential and commercial locations with quick and smart approach.

Cleano Pty Ltd is a reliable and eco-friendly company that is committed to offering you the best and protecting the environment with well equipped cleaning materials and a knowledgeable team to perform the job.

Our cleaners are professional, trained and reliable; they use safe and secure cleaning techniques as we care about your health as much you care about yours.

Our services can be customized to fit your requirements, needs and even budget.

Our cleaning services guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Our team is environmentally-conscious in the job and through our ongoing inspections and regular detailed analysis, we ensure that each cleaning method is up to your our highest standards.

We take care of your first impression and hence our commercial and residential cleaning services help you in getting judged in the best possible manner.

Our House Cleaning Service Quality Different

We are a reliable and secure service offering you the best in terms of cleanliness and comfort. Our cleaning frequencies are designed to suit your needs and preferences and we offer the best to our valued customers. Our services are also designed to ensure that your property keeps looking the best all year round.

We are not about how much you will need to spend but about how well we can help you save with a clean office location and a clean brand image too. We serve a wide range of sectors that include healthcare, education, retail, manufacturing, etc. Contact us to see the change a good organizing and cleaning service can bring to your commercial or residential location and regenerate your lifestyle!

Our services are human health friendly focusing on keeping dust and germs away so that your family or colleagues don’t fall sick all the time.

Why Choose us?


Cleaner/client matching and relationships

20+ years in the service

Customer service team available 7 days a week

Friendly and Trustworthy

Police Checked

Comprehensively trained

The best in the business!

Our CustomerSays

  • "Thank you for your excellent work, my house smell fresh and ready for an inspection!"Bell A.

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    • CEO, AmberCreative
  • "I would like to thank you for always left our offices shinning clean, I greatly appreciated your excellent work."Mary F.G.

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    • Designer, CodyHouse
  • "A very commitment team, I’m very pleased with your service."Julian Trinchi

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    • CEO, CompanyName
  • "I highly recommend Cleano Pty. Ltd., they always provide an excellent service, with a dedicated and reliable team. I would recommend Cleano Pty. Ltd. to anyone."Marie-Anne Cooper

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